You may have often come across statements such as “there are no guarantees in SEO” or “top agencies don’t promise guaranteed results”. While these statements are true, they are often misread or misrepresented by agencies. If you take these on face value you are missing on one important principle of any business transaction – ‘accountability’. While no good agency can guarantee you ‘x’ position for ‘y’ number of days for ‘z’ keywords, there has to be minimum guarantee on in terms of planning, strategizing and execution of the campaign. No project contract should be shrouded in mystery, vagueness and executed in a clandestine way. So what really can be ‘guaranteed’ under guaranteed search engine optimization? A lot and these include -

  • In-depth analysis of the site to spot issues and fix them.
  • Thorough competition research and market analysis.
  • Use of state-of-the art keyword research and analytic tools.
  • Unique and well-articulated content for on-page and off-page.
  • Measurement of KPIs and altering strategies based on evolving trends.
  • Detailed reports highlighting progress of campaign and success.

Can’t these things be guaranteed? They surely can, but sadly aren’t by most agencies. They tend to usuriously use the ‘no guarantee’ bogey to befool clients. If a outsource Search Engine Optimization agency does the basic things right keeping in mind best practices vis-à-vis the latest search engine algorithms, results can be guaranteed. While this may not be in terms of figures but it definitely can be measured in terms of the impact the campaign has on the brand’s visibility and how it attracts and interacts with its customers.


As people who have been in the digital marketing business for more than a decade we genuinely believe that the notion of ‘no guarantee’ has been widely misused by fly-by-night SEO agencies. They have always used this term to escape the wrath of clients after their ill-conceived and poorly executed campaigns fail to deliver results. At SEO Services Consultants we are determined to burst the myth that SEO campaign can’t be guaranteed with our experience, domain knowledge and innovative campaign strategies.


Experienced & Passionate Team

We draw strength from our team which is a mix of battle hardened experts and exuberance of youth. We have hand-picked individuals based on their skills, passion and expertise across various domains of digital marketing to create a team where everyone brings in positive energy and innovative thought process. Our team members love challenges and this attitude has helped us set big goals and achieve them.

Proven Methodologies

If you have been keeping close tracks of the industry you would be aware of the fact that every major algorithmic update results in complete change of strategies. This is where we have been able to stay ahead of the competition. Our team keeps abreast with the latest algorithmic updates and develops methods that are in line with the best practices in the industry.

Scalable Solutions

Your business goals and expectations aren’t constant and they keep changing. Every major shift in your business interest needs to be replicated in your digital marketing campaign. And we have always worked towards offering scalable solutions to our clients. So if you wish to run an aggressive campaign in a short burst or want to do a turnaround to further your new business goals, we are always up for a fresh challenge.


There isn’t any secret recipe to success while running an SEO campaign. Each client comes to us with their niche goals and have inherent challenges woven around their digital presence and visibility. We take these factors within our stride to chalk out a strategy that delivers results in short and long term and ensure complete accountability in every project that we take up. Beyond these we also guarantee -

  • Affordable SEO Packages To Save Cost
  • Complete White Hat SEO Strategies
  • Thorough Analysis of Website/Competition/Market
  • Refined Keyword/ Key Phrase Selection
  • Comprehensive On-Page/Off-Page Optimization
  • Detailed Reporting


We don’t do things that are much different from other agencies; we just do it in the right way. While there is no limit to setting goals we clearly state realistic scenarios in front of our client. Are we conservative? Definitely not, but we don’t make promise in thin air and build strategies over assumptions. As a team of professionals we have always believed in building a strong base and capitalizing on it at an opportune moment. Over the years we have worked on a wide range of projects with new set of challenges and this has helped our team to sharpen their skills and build strong knowledge which will benefit your campaign.

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