When we talk about marketing a website on the search engine there is one thing that most business owners already know – good and qualified traffic can help in increasing sales and also adds to their brand value. What many businesses don’t realise is that lead position in organic search results is the most important thing when it comes to marketing a website digitally. Organic search has stellar power and can drive a website ahead of competition. It can create large opportunities for a small business and help it take on giant rivals. And what better way to study the power of organic search than to see them through stats. Agencies offering organic SEO services in India and worldwide can propel your website to higher rankings and visibility directly benefitting you. Here are some interesting stats that show the power of organic search.

  • More than 93% of all searches start on search engines especially Google.
  • 60% of marketers see search engines as the most potent promotional medium.
  • Three-fourth users tend to visit sites found on organic search results.
  • Local search results can boost sales by over 80%.
  • More than 50% users prefer organic results over paid advertisements.

If you take these stats on face value you would understand the overwhelming possibilities that can be derived from organic search results. This is being used by all business ranging from Fortune 500 companies to those taking baby steps in the competitive business world. Apart from directly boosting traffic to your website organic search results also help in making your brand more visible and easily recognizable. This is often one of one the most understated benefits of organic search marketing campaign.


We at SEO Services Consultants have been at the forefront in helping clients realize their goals with organic search results. Millions of searches take place on Google other search engines every minute and we have the team that will help you attract maximum traffic for searches based on your products/services and your location. As one of the leading organic SEO service companies in the world we have worked with clients from different industries and professions that including dental offices, ecommerce websites and those in the realty market. This has helped us build a strong reputation and build lasting relationship with our clients. We are a one stop digital marketing agency using tailored methodologies to drive brand success.


Seasoned Team

Our team brings in many years of experience in organic white hat SEO techniques. Having worked with clients from different industries we have developed the skills required to prepare tailored solutions based on the requirements of your business, the overall competition in the market and promotional activities of your main competitors.

Creating More Opportunities

As a team we have a simple goal – we want to create more opportunities for your business to cash on. We search the most productive keywords and key phrases and execute them on your website to drive large volumes of traffic to your landing pages. This creates more opportunities and possibilities for success.

Affordable Services

Search engine marketing campaigns shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. As an agency we believe in offering the best services for the most competitive rates. Our SEO packages have been designed to meet the needs of business starting from small start-ups to those that have established reputation in the market.


We are often asked this question by our clients. The truth is there is no formula based approach that can be applied to every campaign. The inherent factors around each campaign are different and one of the biggest challenges is to overcome existing competition. This is where we start projects by having a clear idea of the clients’ goals and create tailored strategies that can deliver expected results. Every campaign undergoes ideation and research to come up with the most rewarding marketing strategies. In a nutshell here are some of the activities that we would perform in all campaigns.

  • Detailed Analysis of the Website
  • Methodical Keyword Research
  • Creating/Optimizing Landing Page
  • Content Creation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Installing Analytics and Measuring KPIs


At SEO Services Consultants our team constantly focuses on driving traffic to your website which in turn generates more leads and higher sales. Search engine marketing strategies are undergoing constant change and each search engine algorithm update calls for refined strategies that are in line with Google and other major Search Engines’ philosophy to offer better search experiences to the users. As organic SEO experts we stay updated with these changes and the latest trends in the market to help you stay ahead of your rivals and make the most out of your online existence.

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