You may have already tried different marketing techniques such as SEO and Social Media Marketing to increase brand awareness and traffic to your websites. While these measures do offer dividends, in the long run, to stay ahead of the competition you need to capitalize on bigger opportunities on the search engines. Welcome to the world of paid search marketing or Pay Per Click advertising. It is a proven technique that expedites the process of putting your brand in front of your target audience and reaping rich benefits. The fact that PPC offers immediate results has made it one of the most sought-after Internet Marketing strategies. Before hire PPC experts, understand the impact of PPC through some amazing stats mentioned below:

  • 41% of paid ads feature on top of search results
  • Paid search campaign can increase traffic by 300%
  • Business earn double the returns for every $1 spent on PPC campaign
  • PPC ads increase the chances of clicks by over 46%
  • Brand awareness increases by over 80% with PPC marketing campaign
  • 52% mobile users are likely to click on paid ads in search results

If you carefully read through these stats you will become aware of the immense potential they hold. As we have already mentioned above PPC campaign draws faster results than any other form of advertisement on the Internet. There are plenty of examples where businesses have sealed a sale within hours of activating their PPC campaign. Whether you want to derive immediate or long-term returns from search marketing there is no better investment than this. A PPC expert would create a tailored campaign based on your needs with the aim to beat competition.


At SEO Services Consultants we are one of the leading PPC consultants in the world thanks to an experienced team that has been managing campaigns since the early days of this marketing technique. Having worked with clients from across industries and with expertise in targeting the right keywords we have in-depth knowledge in creating campaigns that work for your business. Our team starts by discussing your goals from the campaign as this allows us to build a strategy that meets those goals, improves visibility and also aids in long term brand recognition.


Ingenious Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of your PPC campaign. And given the competition that exists in bid management it requires more than ordinary research and bidding skills. As an agency this is where we have edged past our rivals. We use state-of-the-art tools and strong marketing acumen to find the most promising keywords and key phrases that can drive success for your brand.

Inspiring Ad Copies

What separates a successful paid search click from an ordinary one? Yes, it’s the ad copy and this is where you can trust our creative team to come up with words and information that arouse the right kind of desire in the minds of your target audience. We ensure higher click-through-rates and increase your chances of conversion.

PPC for All

There is a myth that PPC campaigns are expensive. To state facts, PPC campaigns aren’t a function of your budget but derive results based on the campaign strategy and its execution. As PPC experts we shall help you run a powerful paid search marketing campaign irrespective of your budget. Whether you are a startup or a SME we shall help you get maximum returns for your budget.


How often have we been asked this? Well, there is no secret formula that can be applied to campaigns. There are dozens of factors that determine the success of a PPC campaign. As top-rated PPC consultants we don’t believe in a formula based approach and rather focus on the process and build a campaign from the ground up to make sure it addresses all its inherent challenges and delivers maximum on the opportunities that are available. Here are some of the common activities that we would perform in any campaign

  • Quality Keyword Research
  • Shrewd Bid Management
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Creative Ad Copies
  • SEO Integration
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Monitoring and Measuring KPIs


At SEO Services Consultants we have acquired strong marketing acumen that helps in identifying opportunities that newbie agencies often fail to spot. We aren’t overwhelmed when faced with a challenge and rather thrive on them. We strive by one simple goal – to offer maximum returns for every dollar that you spend on your campaign. As a professional team we don’t focus on traffic alone but power brand development aligning the campaign with your other marketing strategies that not only meets near term goals but helps in building a strong brand identity in the long run.

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