As a digital agency not having Facebook advertising services in your portfolio can seriously limit the prospects of growing your customer base. Gone are the days when clients would prefer working with an agency that only offered web development solutions or Search Engine Optimization services. Today clients cutting across industries expect all types of digital marketing services under a single roof. You can’t hope to hire experts overnight and get started with projects if are offered such projects by your clients. This is where working with a White Label Facebook Marketing agency would be profitable for your business. White labeling has become the most productive model in digital marketing business and the following stats would give you a better idea of this.

  • Average users spend 40 minutes daily on Facebook.
  • 32% Agencies rely on White Label Facebook Ads program.
  • White labeling services help reduce cost by 50% of agencies.
  • White label services allow agencies to double clients in 6 months.

If you carefully take a look at these stats you would realize that white labeling is slowly becoming the norm in the digital marketing industry. Given the fact that an average digital agency cannot afford to manage a specialised team for different kinds of ‘paid search’ marketing techniques they get white label partners on-board to gain a competitive edge. White label services providers in India are leading this revolution with an army of skilled and experienced Facebook marketing experts.


At SEO Services Consultants we are one of the fastest growing white label agencies working with digital marketers from around the world. We have hand-picked a team that brings years of experience in White Label Facebook Advertising to the table. Your clients have different needs from their Facebook advertising campaign. While some want to build strong presence from the ground up, others look towards expanding their reach and increasing engagement on their page. We have worked on all kinds of campaigns and gathered expertise on inherent dynamics that affect the success of any campaign. Our deep insight on the latest trends in Facebook advertising allows us to deliver positive results that would meet your clients’ expectations and on most occasions exceed them.


Tailored Strategy

Every client comes with unique set of goals and these goals have inherent challenges vis-à-vis their target market and competition woven around them. To achieve results, a tailored strategy needs to be conceived and executed meticulously and that’s what our team does. We spend quality time in research and planning to ensure the goals and the challenges are well attended.

Competitive Prices/h3>

Cost advantage and profit margins are two important pillars in white label services. Unless you see value on these two fronts you aren’t likely to work with a white label partner. We have priced our services competitively to help you maximize your profits and also be aggressive in your own pricing strategy to gain competitive edge.

Flexible Hiring

We are well aware of the fact that there isn’t any uniformity in the flow of projects and as your white label partners we offer you flexible hiring options. With a large team of professionals we let you scale up or down your requirements at any point of time. We shall assign you a dedicated account manager who shall look after the progress of your clients’ advertising projects.


As your white label Facebook advertising partner we shall help you at every stage of the project. Right from sending over a project proposal to educating your clients on the possibilities and finally exciting the ad campaign our team would closely work with your in-house marketing experts to make the process smooth and seamless. Your lack of knowledge (if there is) in Facebook advertising wouldn’t act as a limiting factor as we shall support you with the smallest bit of technical know-how and even otherwise. Since we regularly take up White Label projects our team members are well aware of their roles and responsibilities when it comes to building a strong and industrious working relationship with our partner agencies. We shall do the following in any project -

  • Prepare Proposals and Questionnaire
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Create Captivating Ad Copies
  • Install Tracking and Analytics
  • Send White Label Reports


As your white label partner we offer you much more than cost advantage. With us your incentives don’t stop at being able to take up Facebook advertising projects as we shall help you increase your client base. This is especially beneficial for agencies that don’t have in-house Facebook advertisement experts. Our team would take you through the basics of this marketing technique to help you attract new clients and put a strong pitch about the benefits of this marketing technique.

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