You may have come across numerous posts on the Internet on how it is impossible to offer ‘guaranteed SEO services’. Are these statements true? Yes they are, unless some or can bribe Google or other major search engines it is impossible to guarantee top rankings on the search engines! But this has often been misused by the unprofessional agencies to hoodwink their clients and making them spend large sums of money on campaigns that offer little dividends. So you might have a question going through your mind, what are the things that actually can be ‘guaranteed’ under a guaranteed SEO services? In fact a lot can actually be guaranteed and these include -

  • Thorough site audit to identify factors that limit visibility and fix them.
  • Relentless campaign that increase online visibility.
  • Captivating content that is informative and engages audience.
  • Landing page optimization that helps in improving conversion rates.
  • Running campaigns that follow the best practices in the industry.

Each of these things can be guaranteed by an SEO agency and when you can tick this checklist you are likely to realise your goals with an SEO campaign. This will raise the second important question in your mind, why many agencies still bank on the ‘No Guarantees’ argument while managing SEO campaigns? They simply do this to hide their inefficiencies. The fact is SEO industry is under constant churning and for any good agency to offer results it needs to stay abreast with the latest techniques and methodologies that offer results. Few ever do that!


Like any good service provider we believe in the world ‘accountability’. If we are not accountable for planning and implementation of your campaign we have no right to be in this business. We are one of the few agencies that offer guaranteed SEO services in India and we take pride in this claim with all humility and confidence in our team. At SEO Services Consultants we believe every website has the potential to rank high on the Search Engines and the only limiting factor is a good strategy. With a team that consists of experienced optimizers and young individuals with a creative mindset we have been able to deliver results to clients across industries. While we don’t make promises based on quantitative factors we are definitely going to stick out our tongues and make promises on qualitative counts.


Gauging Site Health

One of the main reasons behind failure of SEO campaigns is the fact that many optimizers tend to ignore the fundamental issues that limit the success of a digital campaign. Our experts would carry out a thorough analysis of your site to identify issues that can hamper the success of your SEO campaign. Once these issues are identified we fix them to create the perfect platform for a successful campaign.

Well-Conceived Planning

All SEO projects are similar barring three important things – clients have different goals, industry is different, and they face different level of competition. We are sure you got the pun! Every SEO project has its own set of challenges and our team focuses on a tailored strategy to overcome these challenges and deliver results.

Performance Tracking

As a team of seasoned professionals we constantly track the success of your campaign measuring KPIs. This allows us to alter strategies and also focus on areas that help drive qualified traffic to your site. We also present you with detailed reports to ensure you have a clear idea about the success of the campaign and can also share your feedback whenever required.


We have been able to achieve an impeccable record in helping our clients establish a strong brand identity in the digital world. As a team we don’t stop at driving traffic to your website but focus on improving your conversion rate and helping you edge past your competitors. Our team is driven by the goal to offer you maximum returns for every dollar spent on your campaign. As part of our guaranteed SEO services in India we shall execute the following tasks on your project -

  • In-depth Website Analysis
  • Creative On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Quality Link Building
  • Content Development
  • Site Monitoring and Analytics
  • Reporting


As the leading agency for guaranteed SEO in India we have hand-picked a team that is hungry for success and constantly looking out for ways to sharpen our skills. We strongly believe we are as good as our last project and hence never take our work process or our knowledge in this industry for granted. The industry is on a constant move and we have updated our skills and knowledge to be ahead of others in this trade. Your success is what defines ours.

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