How often have you had to say ‘No’ to a new client when tied up with other projects? How many web design projects have slipped out of your hands due to lack of SEO services under your portfolio? How many times have you wished you could opt for flexible hiring vis-à-vis projects available on hand? These are real life scenario at any digital marketing or web development agency. Private Label SEO is the answer to all these scenarios and many more. You concentrate on marketing and keeping your clients in good humour and the SEO campaigns would be managed by experts. If you still have apprehensions regarding private label services here are some stats that would help you overcome them.

  • More than 60% Digital Marketeer use Private Label SEO Services.
  • Private Label Services have grown twice in the last three years.
  • Over 70% firms hiring private label companies rate quality as selection criteria.
  • Agencies hiring Private Label Services cut costs by over 40%.

These stats would have surely helped break some of your apprehensions. In a world where specialization has become the other name for success most companies prefer hiring White Label SEO experts over staffing and training rookies. India has emerged as one of the leading hubs for private label SEO services with Digital Marketing and Web Development agencies in the developed world outsourcing work to extend their market share and increase profits.


At SEO Services Consultants we are one of the leading partners for digital marketers across 20+ nations and four continents. With years of experience in this business we have developed an industrious model of working with partners offering need based Private Label SEO solutions. We simply see ourselves working as an extension of your in-house team supporting them in every stage of the campaign process right from initial strategizing to final white label reporting. As a team we understand our responsibilities as your Private Label partner and always work in the background. Your clients need not know about our existence and there would be no act on our end that would change these rules.


Comprehensive SEO Services

We offer comprehensive SEO solutions to meet the needs of your clients. Irrespective of their business domain we have the expertise and skills to independently manage a project and deliver intended results. Our team is well versed in the latest search engine algorithms and also works as per the best practices in the industry. Whether your clients need to boost their rankings on Local Search results or improve sales on their e-store we have solutions to their problems.

Maximizing Your Profits

We help you in maximizing your profits with our Private Label SEO services. You don’t need to stretch your resources in staffing and training people and can focus your time and energy solely on getting new projects. We have a large pool of SEO experts and allow flexibility in the hiring model. You are free to scale up or scale down hiring at any stage of the contract.

Digital Marketing Solutions

While SEO is the most preferred digital marketing solution it is just a part of the larger digital marketing mix we have on offer. As a service provider we help your clients build strong digital footprint that helps them gather more leads, convert them into sales and build a strong brand identity. We offer you host of other services including PPC and Online Reputation Management Solutions making us an one-stop digital marketing agency for all your needs.


With our Private Label services we have helped severe traditional marketing agencies venture into the world of digital marketing helping improve their portfolio. Our business model has been envisioned to help web agencies and digital marketers catering to clients across different business verticals. A typical SEO project would include:

  • Detailed Website Audits
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Content Development & Social Media Management
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Reporting


Private Label or White Label SEO service is a win-win engagement for you as well as us. You can increase your profits without having to take any risk in terms of adding to your operating costs while we benefit from regular flow of projects. While this applies to thousands of other companies who offer Private Label Services we have created our own stronghold based on quality work at the most competitive price. Apart from staying abreast with the latest trends in the industry we always walk the extra mile to accommodate your need on individual projects. Your clients are different and some of them need careful handling and our team is always ready to accept such challenges.

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Your Private Label success starts with SEO Services Consultants and we shall never disappoint you.