The importance of building a strong online identity is known to you. While you may have created a website and tinkered with basic search engine optimization techniques by yourself you are yet to see the kind of traffic and rankings that your competitors enjoy. This naturally calls for a long drawn and well-strategized SEO campaign. Here there are two options at hand – hire a seasoned SEO professional or to outsource search engine optimization to an agency. While the former may sound like giving you complete control over your campaign the latter is cost effective and also offers you many other dividends. Outsourcing is the norm when it comes to Internet Marketing and here we have some stats for you that would clear the picture –

  • 62% of all SEO projects are outsourced
  • Outsourcing SEO can cut down costs by one-third
  • SEO Agencies can help increase traffic by 70% traffic in the first month
  • SEO drives three times as much traffic as social media marketing

If you carefully read through these stats it isn’t difficult to understand why most companies are turning towards outsourcing when it comes to SEO or other Internet Marketing campaigns. When they outsource search engine optimization project they immediately gain in terms of experience and expertise that these agencies bring to the table. But what’s an even bigger incentive is in terms of cost-cutting. This can clearly be understood from the stats above. Countries like India have emerged as the hub of SEO services given the highly experience talent pool and attractive packages that agencies in India offer.


At SEO Services Consultants we have been in the forefront of digital marketing solutions in India. With a team that has more than a decade of experience in offering search engine marketing solutions, we are your ideal partners for your growth on the search engines. Over the years we have helped clients from different industries and geographies increase their online visibility and authority on the search engine result pages. In a fast changing industry, we keep ourselves abreast with the latest algorithmic changes from Google and other major search engines. Our campaigns are focused not only on increasing traffic but helping your brand become easily recognizable and turn potential customers into loyal ones.


Competitive Pricing

As an agency operating from India we have been able to cut down on our input costs and pass on these benefits to our clients. However we don’t promise you the lowest prices but believe in offering maximum rewards in terms of traffic, rankings and conversions. We make every dollar spent on your campaign count.


Search marketing campaigns don’t usually follow a set of rules as there are occasions when a competitor’s moves need to be countered with more aggressive strategies or occasions where you would want to up the ante on your campaign. This is where we work as an extension of your in-house marketing team to offer you complete flexibility in terms of scaling up the team on your project.

Streamlined Campaigns

While an average SEO campaign adds traffic to your site a streamlined campaign helps in brand development. It engages users to your business and complements other online and offline marketing strategies. Our team looks at search engine optimization from a large perspective and this streamlined approach helps us address your short and long term goals with the project.


This is perhaps the most difficult thing to answer as there are no fixed set of formulas that we can apply to your project. Every business is different and has its own inherent challenges and as experts, it is our responsibility to address those challenges. Our team closely works with clients to understand their goals, know about their competitors before creating a strategy that addresses all the challenges and also aimed at harnessing the opportunities available at hand. Here are a few tasks that we carry out on every project -

  • Site and Competition Analysis
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Creation
  • On-Page/Off-Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Website Analytics Installation
  • Measuring KPIs and Reporting


We have been in this industry for long to realise that there is a threshold for traffic growth for every website and it isn’t the volume of traffic but its quality that matters to most clients. This is where we start by identifying your target audience and create a campaign that addresses the core problems and opportunities of your business. Every campaign is created and managed from an ROI point of view and offers measurable results. We use complete white hat SEO techniques to ensure your growth is not only fast but also sustainable in the long run.

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