Has your business been affected by an adverse Ripoff report? Do your new leads often point to this report and turn their backs on you? This is one of the biggest challenges that businesses tend to face in a world where digital identity has become synonymous with the real one. While was started with the intent of helping individuals and businesses fight against entities they have been wronged by, it has been misused time and again to hurt the brand identity of many businesses. One adverse feedback published on this site and others similar to it is sure enough to undo years of hard work that you may have put in creating your strong digital identity. Why your digital identity is so important? Let’s try and understand this through a few stats.

  • One out three businesses see drop in sales with mention on
  • 48% customers tend to unfollow brands that have adverse things written about them
  • About 12 positive reviews can outdo one negative review
  • For every customer complain businesses loose the prospect of 4 customers

Now place these stats against the adverse review written about your business on and you will be able to figure out the reasons behind drop in sales or lesser new enquiries about your products and services. While you may feel wronged by a complaint written on this platform with malicious intent you should gear up to counter it. This is where you would need the services of a company that specializes in Ripoff report removal. They should have the expertise in exploring different means to have these reports removed or supressed to prevent it from harming your brand image.


At SEO Services Consultants we clearly understand your anger and anxiety when such an adverse feedback is published against your brand’s name on a platform that many term as a ‘big scam’. In the name of protecting customer rights it has done harm to good businesses. With years of experience in digital marketing and brand building we know what it takes to remove Ripoff report. Having been witness to such reports being published against our clients we are well aware of the extent of damage it can cause to your brand and also know ways to counter this challenge. To state a fact there is very little chance of such a report being removed once it has been published we work on a strategy that helps in minimizing the impact of such a report in the short run and offering you complete immunity from its ill effects over a long course of time.



This our first step towards dealing with the adverse impact of an adverse comment published on this platform. Though does allow entities affected by it to publish a rebuttal on the same page, surprisingly few care to do that. Rebuttal is an effective measure to put your side of the story forward. Our skilled writers would craft the most powerful rebuttal that would quash any kind of doubts and apprehensions that potential customers may have about your brand.


Suppression is the next best way to deal with such adverse feedback. We shall run SEO campaign specifically aimed at supressing this adverse feedback about your brand. Once this report is pushed down to the inner pages of the search engine results it would have miniscule or no impact on your brand image. Our writers would weave magic with words to supress all such reviews.

Legal Challenge

Though in 9 out of 10 cases the above strategies would help you effectively counter the adverse impact of such reports there are few cases where overwhelming number of such reviews published across a longer span of time tends to make the problem recurring. In such rare instances you will need to fight this problem legally. Though we aren’t a team of legal experts we shall guide you through the initial process of finding competent attorneys to start your legal battle.


Ripoff Report Removal is a highly niche digital marketing service and not too many digital marketers have experience in this domain. At SEO Services Consultants we have helped dozens of clients with such report removal and arrested fall in their customer engagement. We make use of tailored strategies to fight this menace and use various search and social marketing tools to deal with the problem. From writing the most informative brand articles and blogs to making use of different social media marketing techniques we are well-versed in strategies that offer dividends. We shall fill the digital space with positive feedback and review about your business limiting the impact of negative comments.

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